"Where there is much light, the shadow is black." J. W. Goethe





The light and originality are the protagonists of this fourth edition of GLOWFestival. In previous editions we have achieved great successes of worldwide public participation. The traditional Easter event, is moved in the summer, to allow as many visitors to take part in GLOWFestival. The Festival curated and created by Studio Glowarp of Donato Maniello and by Visual Designer Luigi Console, first to have understood the use of video mapping as a valuation method for the Apulian cultural heritage, and by the Cultural Digital Primitives Association was inserted by UNESCO-sponsored initiatives within the International Year of the Light. This year the GLOWFestival 2016 appears to be the first festival in southern Italy that uses augmented reality indoor and outdoor for the promotion of cultural heritage and adds new locations and calls involving them even more places in the White City. As tradition GLOWFestival propose complex surfaces and unique in their genre. Usually it is used to large buildings or huge palaces, but this time the video mapping will also be made of a work of art!L'arte fuori dagli schermi arriva anche in questa edizione. This year a call more powerful and original. The art also comes out of the screens in this edition. The reproduction of a work by Sol LeWitt called "All band of 2004 (located in Murat room in Bari) will be played in the city and on it will be possible to create a unique video mapping performance of its kind. The art that converses with art! Finally, a call related to video mapping projects, light design, augmented reality and technologies for the development of cultural heritage. The GLOWFestival this year, thanks to GLOWTalks, will provide for anyone who wants to exhibit his work, his idea, in digital-analogue area which has the theme of light and for the enhancement of goods technology museums, architectural, artistic and archaeological.


GLOWFestival IV° Edition!


John Doe
Cultural heritage
Jane Helf
video mapping
Joshua Insanus



We transform the present and promoting digital Innovation in artisc and cultural heritage fields.



1) Video mapping Open Call





This year you can choose the location on which to effect the performance of video mapping between the four available, and and engage with artists from around the world.


Choose the location on which you want to create something of fantastic:



1) Cloister of San Francesco // Download Mapping kit

2) Altar inside of San Vito Martire Church // Download Mapping kit

3) Scoppa Arch // Download Mapping kit

4) Work of Sol LeWitt reproduction, All Bands* // Download Mapping kit


*The selection will be made taking into account the poetic and artistic philosophy of Master Sol LeWitt. The aim is to draw attention and enhance the work of 2004 through a contemporary artistic technique. Being the colored surface are not allowed for obvious reasons the colors. The video in fact will have to be realized in white / black and gray tones (for example the 3D).


Choose the location and create four minutes of a project using the technique of video mapping. The aim is to draw attention to and promote the work through a technique of contemporary art. GLOWFestival is open to artists from all over the world. Participating is free. By submitting the registration form, the artist accepts all the rules. The jury’s verdict is incontestable. All sent materials will not be return, and will be stored in the GLOWFestival’s archive like as documentation. Sending the participation form, the artist fully accepts the present rules. The Jury verdict is incontestable. The artist accept that his videos will be broadcasted online and offline, on the site of GLOWFestival and become part of archive, and can be screened in the same place in another part of year, with exclusion of any commercial use.

Still-frame from videos can be freely used for the GLOWFestival communication, mentioning title and author of artwork. All rights on videos remain property of author. The author asserts, under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used material (images, sounds, videos) and that compose the artwork; the author completely  undertakes the liability for any breach of copyright laws. The omission, or the incorrect filling, of one or more parts of form itself, will involve the exclusion of video by selection of Jury. It is strictly forbidden to embed any real or fictitious advertisements in the work either openly or indirectly, i.e. it is forbidden to feature any product, brand, name, logo or recognizable image, or text, etc., and/or any mark or symbol suggesting whose work it is. Entries that do not meet these requirements will be rejected automatically. The language for submission of applications is in English. Please read the rules carefully before sending the job.


°° Videos that do not meet the constraints imposed by the mapping file and the technical requirements will be rejected automatically without communication to the author °°



Only the videos received within 12 am (Time of Rome) of 3th July 2016 will be accepted. We cannot accept any entries submitted after the deadline.



Theme is free as long as you create a visual story that has coherence and meaning. No random effects (especially collapses). GLOWFestival will support the most innovative proposals which introduce different ideas, that have never seen before.



The 10th July 2016 on the official website will be published the final list of selected works which will be screened during the events planned for 23th and 24th July. We have prizes for top 3 and critics prize:


1# Resolume Arena - one license;

2# Millumin - one license;

3# MadMapper - one license;

Critic Prize: CoGe & Vezér - one license;





Leo Kuelbs

Studio Glowarp

Luigi Console / Visual Designer



Cloister of Saint Francesco / Altar of the Church of San Vito Martire / Scoppa Arch / Work of Sol LeWitt reproduction



Techture / Thetis Parmenidu / Greece
Electriclife / David Joel Ramos Negrão / Portugal
Il Sogno / Diego Esquivel / Costa Rica
Memory / Michele Pusceddu / Italy
Monochrome sogno/ Chema Siscar / Spain
Soek / Valeria Gulizia / Italy
O SOL / J.E. van Beuskom / Holland
Color Enhancement / Christopher Noelle / Germany
Minimalism239 / Riccardo Puglisi / Italy

IN-EX / Luca Cataldo / Italy
Home / Tyrone Deise / Usa
Chronicles / Aelion Project / Italy


1st Diego Esquivel / Costa Rica / "Il Sogno", projected in the Cloister of St. Francis Palace / 1 # Resolume Arena - one license;
2nd Thetis Parmenidu / Greece / "Techture", projected on the Arch Scoppa / 2 # Millumin - one license;
3rd Michele Pusceddu / Italy / "Memory of Stones" / projected in the Cloister Saint Francis / 3 # MadMapper - one license;
Critics Award: Aelion Project / "Chronicles", projected in Largo Star on the scale reproduction of "All Bands", the famous American artist Sol Lewitt / Coge&Vezer - one license;


• Video must be 4 minutes in length (will  be accepted videos with 30 sec allowance: 3’30”e 4’30”);
• 1024×768 px (XGA Resolution 4:3 format);
• Quick Time video format;
• Photo JPEG;
• 3D model, if you want to use them, must be generated by the participants as part of the creative process;
• Compression Type: Photo JPEG, FPS: 25, Quality: 85%;
• The video material must contain the audio track in stereo format;

MATERIALS (download)
- Submission form (to be completed in ENGLISH);
- Photo_Church.jpeg;

- Video;
- Submission form (completed in its entirety to return not scanned);
- CV (only the group leader);
- Copy of Identification Document (sided copy);
- One image from video 1024×768 px format .jpg

Call video file in this way:
Title of video_name of
Call submission form in this way:
Form_name of author.doc/.pdf
Call CV in this way:
CV_name of author.doc/.pdf
Call Identification Document in this way:
ID_name of author.doc/.jpg/.pdf
Call image file in this way:
Image_name of author.jpg

Make a compressed folder (.zip/.rar) with all file and call it in this way: Title of video_name of

You must utilize a service for big files transfer like We Transfer  and sends all to info[at] with object: glowfestival_2016_Title of video_name of author


2) Mapping 4Kids!



This year the GLOWFestival opens the door to the kids! We provide the paths (black and white) that will be printed on a A4 sheet (do not in any way distort the image when printing and scanning). At this point the imagination of the little ones will do the rest! The designs will transform the facades of the buildings through the imagination. Use any technique you want, the important thing is to respect the constraints imposed by the drawing that we provide. When you're finished, seeking help from someone older than you, scan the A4 image that you create and send it by mail with the form filled out by your parent.


Choose the location on which you want to create something of fantastic:



1) Cloister of St. Francesco // Download 4kids_kit

2) Altar of the Church of San Vito Martire // Download 4kids_kit

3) Scoppa Arc // Download 4kids_kit



- Registration Form (to be completed entirely by a parent and returned);

- Paths of locations in pdf;



We will accept only materials received by 12:00 on 3th July 2016. Entries received after the specified date will not be accepted.



The theme is free.



Depending on the number of designs received the GLOWFestival is committed to project all entries received during the evenings of 16 and 17 July 2016 at various locations in the GLOWFestival from 21.00 to 24.00.



To participate, just send to email with object "MAPPING4KIDS" with a compressed folder containing the file in jpg scanned and the registration form. The compressed folder will be so nominated: Name and Surname_age_city_nation.jpeg and the Registration Form to be signed by a parent (for example, your name is Mario Rossi, you have 10 years, are of Ostuni and Italian? So naming your file: Mario / rar).



4) 3D Print Open Call


Make a 3D model based on light’s theme and it will touch with the 3D printing technique in limited edition of 150 pieces. Arturo Tedeschi will select the GLOWFestival exclusive gadget's closer to the concept. The Gadget will be printed thanks to CREARE, 3D printing service, our technical partners and will be given for free in the first 150 visitors who request it.

To participate send a 3d model that respects this characteristics:


Dimension: max 4x4x4 cm

No information color

File type: STL


Send your application before 12:00 on 3th July 2016. Applications received after the specified date will not be accepted.


MATERIALS (download)
- Entry form


- Registration Form (to be completed in its entirety and return);
- Copy Identity Document (copy front / back);


Call the Entry form in this way:
Form_name and surname.doc/.pdf
Call the Identification Document in this way:
ID_name and surname.doc/.jpg/.pdf

Make a compressed folder (.zip/.rar) with all file and call it in this way: 3D print_name of


The winner will be notified by mail 10th July 2016.



4) Installations in historic center




The GLOWFestival give you the opportunity to 4 artists to propose an installation that has the theme of light as concept, in various locations of the historic center of Ostuni. Priority of selection, will be given to projects that are simple in their feasibility and development. The selected artist will also be present in the days of GLOWFestival for the for the assembly and disassembly of the installation


Send your application before 12:00 on 3th July 2016. Applications received after the specified date will not be accepted. We provide a map of the historic center of Ostuni with images of reference of possible locations for the light installations. Consider the criteria of feasibility and versatility of the installation will be important in the official selection. The location and the pictures shown on the map are only for informational purposes and only want to give an idea of possible locations dedicated to light installations. The old town of Ostuni offers streets and small open spaces similar to photos / locations shows on the map. Once selected, we will devote the best attention to each installationand for the best location for its realization and concept.

Link map


MATERIAL (download)
- Registration Form


- Registration Form (to be completed in its entirety and return);
- Copy Identity Document (copy front / back);

- CV;


Call the Entry form in this way:
Form_name and surname.doc/.pdf
Call the Identification Document in this way:

ID_name and surname.doc/.jpg/.pdf

Call the CV in this way:
CV_name and surname.doc/.pdf

Make a compressed folder (.zip/.rar) with all file and call it in this way: Installation_name of


Artists elected will be notified by mail July 10th and is expected to give free accommodation for the days of the festival in facilities.



5) GLOWTalks!



The GLOWFestival is a place for exchange of ideas and projects. We believe that when an idea comes into circulation through other minds does not remain the same but evolve, producing new ideas and influences. For this reason we want to give space to anyone who wants to exhibit his work, his idea, his insight into the digital arena - analogue - craft that has as its theme the light and technologies for the development of museums, architectural, artistic and archaeological. Meetings / Talks are free and no longer than 30 minutes. It will be an informal moment of confrontation between fans of these professional disciplines for this reason the Talks will be a meeting point for the dissemination of their ideas.


Students, architects, scholars, artists, archaeologists, cultural workers, cultural associations, programmers, etc ...;

Scrivi un abstract, in italiano o inglese, di massimo 500 parole che esponga la tua idea in cui sia riportato il tuo nome e cognome, i partecipanti, l'eventuale istituzione di appartenenza e il tema di interesse (Topics);

T1- Augmented reality projects

T1.1. Art T1.2. Archeology

T1.3. Landscape

T1.4. Architecture

T1.5. Museum

T1.6. Re-use of archaeological sites


T2- Video mapping projects

T2.1. Art T2.2. Archeology

T2.3. Landscape

T2.4. Architecture

T2.5. Museum

T2.6. Re-use of archaeological sites


T3- Digital documentation in cultural heritage

T3.1. Digitization of archaeological heritage

T3.2. Remote sensing techniques in the archaeological field

T3.3. 3D reconstruction

T3.4. Virtual archaeology

T3.5. Web archaeology

T3.6. Virtual and Augmented Reality applied to the visualization and conservation

T3.7. Monitoring and conservation of archaeological remains

T3.8. Museum and exhibition technology

T3.9. Virtual museums, virtual tours


T4- 3D print projects

T4.1. Art

T4.2. Archeology

T4.3. Landscape

T4.4. Architecture

T4.5. Museum

T4.6. Re-use of archaeological sites


T5- Interactive projects

T5.1. Art

T5.2. Archeology

T5.3. Landscape

T5.4. Architecture

T5.5. Museum

T5.6. Re-use of archaeological sites


T6- Theoretical aspects for contemporary museology


Send your application before 12:00 on 3th July 2016. Applications received after the specified date will not be accepted.


MATERIAL (download)
- Registration form


Call the Entry form in this way:
GLOWTalks_name and surname.doc/.pdf and sends all to info[at]


There are no membership fees, or any form of reimbursement by the Organization. Participation in the conference is part of the event is free until all available places.


People elected will be notified by mail July 10th.





Le Petit Chef


The smallest Chef of the world turns the dish into a projected grid. Enjoy your meal ... but virtual! Have a look at the screenings of 'Le Petit Chef' the Belgian duo Skullmapping. So for those evenings where conversation is particularly lacking, you no longer need to fear the dreaded awkward silence. Meet Le Petit Chef, a 3D mapping project that puts the “show” in “dinner and a show,” and does so rather spectacularly.


Palazzo Tanzarella - Via Cattedrale

BOOK (it will be possible to book the event in the coming days)




Light Garden


GLOWFestival is happy to announce the collaboration with Ostuni Green Riot, the guerrilla gardening group that will create floral installations in the Garden of Cirignola Palace, headquarters of the Cultural Center, which will also benefit from the collaboration of ARCI PABLO - Neruda. These gardens will be given "life" through the use of light as an artistic medium, in collaboration with the Art of GLOWFestival staff.


Via G. Greco 13





PerSe Visioni - Frames Selection


The Bachi da Setola Association propose within the GLOWFestival a selection of international works of video art and animation selected over the last eight years of Perse Visioni -Art Factory, which is held every year in August in Polignano a Mare, with supervision of the director Alina Marazzi.


Chiesa Madonna del Carmine (Largo Maria Santissima del Carmine)


GLOW Exposition




Art and handicrafts dedicated to the world of light. Artisans and designers will exhibit their original creations dedicated to the world of lighting.


Via Ruggero De Ruggeris






Eyes that look like silent fish among the white walls of the city of Ostuni. The GLOWFestival utilizing mobile video projections will animate the historic center. Animations that follow people through the historic center. The show is made by the staff of GLOWFestival in collaboration with Giuseppe Laselva curator of PerseVisioni Festival.










If you are curious and want to gain work experience, enjoy the event as a protagonist, meet industry professionals, discover the “behind the scenes” of a GLOWFestival or simply a new challenge you are the person we are looking for! Let availability on days 21 to 24 July 2016, you can choose between this areas:


n° 5 Assistants room;

n° 5 Public relations and dissemination materials Festival;

n° 5 Reporter, Press Office (If you are resident in another country, however, can you give us a hand. Help us spread the news of the Festival from your contacts and websites dedicated);


Will be accepted only the requestes received within 12 am (Time of Rome) of 3th July 2016 will be accepted. We cannot accept any entries submitted after the deadline.


MATERIALS (download)
- Submission form (completed in its entirety);


- Submission form (completed in its entirety);
- CV;
- Copy of Identification Document (sided copy);


Call submission work in this way:
Form _name of volunteer.doc/.pdf
Call CV in this way:
CV_name of volunteer.doc/.pdf
Call Identification Document in this way:
ID_name of volunteer.doc/.jpg/.pdf
Create a compressed folder .zip /.rar  with all materials called “Volunteers_your name” indicating your area and send it to: info[at];


The selected volunteers will be notified via e-mail in 10th July and will work with us from 14th to 17th July 2016.



Contact Details

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  • Paola Loparco / 329.2624747
  • Download press kit